Our clients wanted an attractive family garden – one that would be suitable for outdoor summer living, dining and playing. Top of the list was a dining area followed by a large lawn for the children to play on. Also on the list was the need for outdoor storage in which to keep the gardening tools, the lawnmower, cushions and so on.  The existing garden had a lovely new yellow stock brick wall on the left and a more rustic brick wall at the rear, so we wanted to retain the warm, soft feel in the new garden.



To make the most of the angle of the sun, we created an outside dining area to the side of the garden.  We constructed a pergola from oak posts and powder coated steel cross beams which we softened by planting tumbling climbing roses. To further soften the scene, we built a bench backed by a


flowerbed to create a pretty vista while dining. On the other side of the lawn at the back of the garden we installed the shed and planted a selection of six acers in front of it to screen from the house.



Our clients were delighted with the combination of a contemporary garden that complemented the softer feel of the refurbed interior and had lots of space of the children to play on the lawn. The crown in the jewel was the dining area which oozed romance and makes it a joy to dine al fresco.