The brief was to create a contemporary outdoor space that required minimal maintenance that would look good not only day and night, but year round too. The client wanted to make use of the large rear glass folding doors ensure that there was a seamless flow from the crisp and contemporary kitchen into the garden.



To achieve this flow we chose materials that matched the interior and also plucked hues from the same colour pallet. The most important detail within this well designed and contemporary urban garden was the matching tiles. When the rear doors are open there is a seamless flow from the kitchen into the garden, doubling the living area instantly.


Features include horizontal cedar trellis, hardwood ipe decking, large feature olive and block planting, lighting on remote control and environmentally friendly ECO paint in two shades of grey.



Well chosen materials and colours have transformed this garden into an extension of the kitchen, providing our clients with a garden that looks fabulous but one that requires extremely low levels of maintenance.