This young couple wanted a child friendly and trendy outdoor space for themselves and their two year old daughter.  The garden was split-level with a small area level with the kitchen and steep steps leading up to a large sloping lawn.  The main thing for this young couple was to create a larger area that was level with the, add in play areas for their daughter and redo the steps so they were more practical and not so steep.



We dug out more of the lower level and pushed the stairs further back to create a larger entertainment area off the kitchen. We designed a seating area for both lounging and dining, and using inspiration from the colour palette in the house, finished this off with bold purple weather proof cushions.

Exterior heaters, and a built-in barbecue with integrated storage unit completed this area.


The steep steps were replaced with shallow ones which led to a large lawn where our clients’ daughter could play in her painted Wendy house or use her new swing. The shed and Wendy house were painted purple and we added in some bright pink planters for a fun touch. We spruced up the existing fence with a lick of paint and fitted a modern new trellis to match the entertaining area.

We softened the look with low maintenance block planting and installed fake grass under the swing.



A fun, colourful garden with a sizeable entertainment space off the kitchen that was child-friendly and easy to look after.